Texans Week 3: Good, Bad and Ugly from Bears loss

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Texans Week 3: The Ugly

In three games this season, the Texans have been held scoreless in the fourth quarter and that is unacceptable at most levels of football, especially in the NFL when games are on the line. Houston’s two losses have been by a combined 10 points, and in their Week 1 tie they were outscored 17-0 in the fourth quarter.

Houston’s offensive line and offense in general allowed five sacks against the Bears, and there were also three QB hits in the loss. This can’t happen much more or Davis Mills won’t be able to gain any improvement. Some of those sacks are mostly on him too, but the offense has to play 11-strong, and that’s not been the case in this game and for most of the season so far.

Overall, the loss wasn’t completely ugly, but it was a bad loss and the team can’t keep letting wins slip away from them. The Texans could actually be 3-0 if not for the implosion in Week 1 during the fourth quarter, while the Week 2 and Week 3 games the team had their chances.

The play calling needs to improve on offense, all the pressure can’t stay on the defense, and overall as a unit on offense the word “improvement” stands out the most. As said many times before, patience is the key for Texans fans when it comes to the offense, but the unit needs to help with that by showing signs of getting better, and this weekend that didn’t happen in the grand scheme of the offense.

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