What will it take for Texans fans to finally trust Nick Caserio?

Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports /

“In Nick We Trust,” or is it too early for Houston Texans fans?

Houston Texans general manager Nick Caserio took over a franchise that had multiple problems before his arrival in Jan. 2021. He had no head coach, no first round picks, very little talent, and what may have been the worst issue … a fan base that had lost faith in the organization.

Since then, Caserio has made significant strides to fix the issues, so is now is it time to say, “In Nick We Trust?”

Caserio’s drafts have been a source of everything from serious doubt to absolute elation from Texans fans. After his second draft with the team  — which was his first full draft with a first round pick — has happiness now overridden the doubters in Houston?

Not by any stretch of the imagination at this time.

Texans fans are still doubting Caserio in a big way. Caserio is an unintentional source of division among fans who cheer for Houston as training camp is getting closer to starting, but are still either happy or unhappy with the franchise.

If you want to see fans of the same team absolutely roast each other, take a few minutes and read Texans fan pages on Facebook or Twitter.

You’ll see polar opposite opinions of Davis Mills, fans destroying Caserio over not drafting Sauce Gardner, but instead going with Derek Stingley as the future at cornerback for the franchise.

This type of division amongst Texans fans doesn’t help the with trusting Caserio.

What do Texans fans want from their general manager?

So what exactly will it take for Texans fans to finally trust Caserio’s decision making?

If Stingley isn’t overshadowed by Gardner of the New York Jets, that will be a great start for sure. If the other 2022 draft picks make a positive impact starting in 2022, that will be a huge help.

Overall, if the team just starts playing better, and actually gains a few unexpected wins, that will go a long way with the trust factor.

Another way for fan approval is if Caserio can bring in a key free agent, or make a big trade to add a veteran that pushes the team closer to respectability, that could help fans trust the current GM.

The trust factor ramps up significantly if one thing happens, and that is if Texans quarterback Davis Mills becomes the franchise QB that his college coach David Shaw has said the he expects him to become in the NFL.

Having a legitimate franchise caliber quarterback is what the Texans fan base needs the most to start trusting Caserio is the leader that can finally get this team back to a playoff contender.

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Great drafts and adding talent helps, but if Caserio wants the fans to come back, start buying season tickets, get back to filling the seats with actually bodies, plus trusting in him, Mills holds the key to fans finally starting to believe in the organization, and more specifically, Caserio himself.