Texans make statements, settlements in Deshaun Watson case

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The Houston Texans have released a statement and settled claims on the Deshaun Watson case.

Since their conception in 2002, the Houston Texans have been a relatively “drama-free” organization, but have repeatedly been in the headlines in recent years. Notably, they have been mentioned in the sexual assault allegations against Deshaun Watson.

There has been a concerted effort by the Texans in 2021 and 2022 to recapture the respect they once commanded in NFL circles. The Texans hired Nick Caserio as general manager, and he’s since had a spectacular draft, pulled off a blockbuster trade sending Watson to Cleveland, and made roster and coaching moves that have garnered applause from fans and media.

But a looming lawsuit threatened to overshadow the teams recent return to respect. The front office of Houston’s response to this situation would tell the city and the league where their priorities were.

Up to this point, the Texans have denied any knowledge of Watson’s actions, but reports have been circulating that the alleged victims would seek legal action against the organization. But this past week, NFL.com reported that the Texans have reached an undisclosed settlement with 30 women.

According to NFL.com, owner Cal McNair released a statement saying:

"“Although our organization did not have any knowledge of Deshaun Watson’s alleged misconduct, we have intentionally chosen to resolve this matter amicably. This is not an admission of any wrongdoing, but instead a clear stand against any form of sexual assault and misconduct… We hope that today’s resolution will provide some form of closure to the parties involved, our fans and the Houston community at large. As an organization, we will now turn our focus to the future and doing what we can to ensure respect for all.”"

Attorney Tony Buzbee also commented, saying:

"“I will have no further comment on the allegations or the Texans’ alleged role, other than to say that there is a marked contrast in the way in which the Texans addressed these allegations, and the way in which Watson’s team has done so.”"

Once again, the Texans have demonstrated that they are ready to move on to a new era, leaving the Watson drama in the past, which should prove to be a charitable decision for these alleged sexual assault victims, a wise move for the organization, and an intentional demonstration of goodwill and trust-building with the city of Houston.

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