Houston Texans: Brandin Cooks Continues to go Underrated

Brandin Cooks. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Brandin Cooks. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /
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Houston Texans
Brandin Cooks. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Why Was Texans Receiver, Brandin Cooks, Snubbed From the Top 100?

Brandin Cooks’ value around the league isn’t very high if you haven’t noticed by now. He’s moved from team-to-team since coming into the league, and to no fault of his own, has moved around a lot having played for four different teams since 2014.

I feel it’s for that reason that the outside media doesn’t appreciate his talent. They look at his history around the league and the fact that he’s moved around a lot and just assume he’s a sub-par receiver. But that isn’t the case at all. He’s actually an incredibly talented receiver and we saw that all season long last year.

Last season Cooks played in 16 games for the Texans and not only did he play well, but he really showed up when we needed him too. He had 90 receptions on 134 targets, 1,037 receiving yards, and six touchdowns. However, just to show you in words how good he has been throughout his career, let’s look at his career stats.

In his career, he averages 4.8 receptions per game, 66.5 yards per game, and has a catch percentage of 65.8. Now, although those stats don’t look great, let’s look at what that would get you per season instead of per game.

In an average season, Brandin Cooks would average just under 1,000 receiving yards. Which, although no excuse, should come with a note stating that he had only 500 receiving yards in his last season with the Rams. Which, once again, no excuse, but that hurts the average quite a bit. Especially given the fact that outside of two seasons, he has hit the 1,000 yard mark.

But getting back to the stats.

On top of averaging just under 1,000 receiving yards per season in his career, he is also averaging 71 receptions per season in his career which is quite fair. Once again, he has been pretty consistent in that mark as well as yards, but that year he had with the Rams is really suppressing his stats. Nonetheless, 71 receptions for a guy who’s been a number two receiver for most of his career is pretty impressive.

Continuing with the stats, he is also averaging six touchdowns per season which is a pretty good accomplishment for plays the game the way he does. In fact, I have to be honest, that surprised me quite a bit.

Now, I’m sure you’re beginning to ask yourselves why I’m stating all of these stats? Well, it’s easy.

Referring back to what I wrote about his stats this season, those numbers seem pretty good right? I mean, 90 receptions, 1,000 yards, and six touchdowns- those are very good numbers. Yet, he didn’t make the list. Why?

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Well, of course this is all speculation but it seems to me that Cooks’ value has been downgraded yet again. But, it’s all due to the implications of being apart of such a disaster of a organization. When you don’t have the talent around you that you can trust and confide in, the trust you receive from the media will be non-existent.