Texans fans should be thanking Bill O’Brien

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Houston Texans fans need to thank a former head coach and GM

Now that your blood pressure up after reading the headline, there are many things fans of the Houston Texans can debate, but is a dislike for former Texans head coach and general manager, Bill O’Brien of them?

Yes, he did trade away my personal favorite Texan player at the time, DeAndre Hopkins, so that one hurt. O’Brien also traded two first round picks for left tackle Laremy Tunsil, and he brought in Jack Easterby, whom many fans dislike.

With all of these negatives, how could we possibly thank O’Brien in 2022?

Cause-and-effect is a real thing. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, right? You could argue that is completely false is the case of Billy O. What positive came from him seemingly destroying an entire NFL franchise?

To start this emotional rollercoaster, despite trading away Hopkins, he brought the Texans Brandin Cooks. Now don’t mistake the facts, Cooks is not Hopkins, but he is an established WR1 that brings leadership traits that you could argue are more valuable than a sure hand.

Texans: Did Bill O’Brien make some correct decisions after all?

Now that we’ve swallowed that pill, trading two first for Tunsil shook the market up for position players. We’ve seen big trades lighting up the league recently, and the Tunsil trade may have very well kicked that off.

Could that have benefited Houston when trading former franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson? With the lawsuit count now up to 25-plus (though many are reportedly settled), it is almost a breath of fresh air having him gone, with the focus back completely to football and rebuilding the roster.

Lastly, was bringing in Easterby for a front office role the straw that broke the camel’s back for fans?

Not exactly as Texans fans got what they crave, drama. Though in the midst of the drama Houston also hired current general manager Nick Caserio, the man brought in to rebuild the franchise basically from the ground up.

With things starting to shape up for the Houston Texans with some positives, it is easy to say “thank you” to Bill O’Brien for getting all of us — and the Texans — here in 2022.

Having potential star rookies, some second-year players shaping up nicely, and two first round picks in the next two drafts, at least I’m excited to be a fan again.

Are you excited to be a Texans fan again after all of the changes?

Without O’Brien, Houston would have never got the luxury of being up 24-0 in the AFC Divisional round, and after suffering the most heartbreaking loss in franchise history, the Texans surely wouldn’t be where they are right now, and neither would fans of the Texans.

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So, thank you coach, GM, or whatever it is you are these days because you decisions have put the Texans in the position they are in today, and there is no place to go but up.