Houston Texans could be trading for a quarterback after potential trade up

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The Houston Texans are rumored to be in the market for two quarterbacks that aren’t desired by their current teams anymore.

For those Houston Texans fans who love Davis Mills as the team’s starting quarterback, you may want to avert your eyes.

The Mills era could be over before it truly begins, as The Athletic is reporting that Houston could be trying to trade for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo or the Cleveland Browns’ Baker Mayfield after the Texans try to move into the top ten.

It would be a stunning development after how much praise Mills received for how he finished the 2021 season.

Tossed into the fire with a roster that was one of the worst in the league, Mills started to outperform some first-round picks.

Come on, Houston Texans, we’ve been over this already- give Davis Mills one full year.

It’s funny that this is the headline that comes out on draft day for the Texans. After finding a gem in Mills and not giving him a whole year to determine if he can truly be the guy, the least they could do is give him 17 games.

I’m all for it if trading for Garoppolo or Mayfield is for a backup reason. The depth behind Mills is zero, and Houston can’t trot out Jeff Driskel. Houston could do worse with backup quarterbacks, but these aren’t bad options.

It’s already been covered, and if Pep Hamilton doesn’t believe in Mills, then why give him the Josh Rosen treatment? On the other hand, it could just be another smokescreen to make some other team make a move. The draft is a chess game, and Caserio could be the orchestrator of this move.

But Houston would be remiss to start a rebuild with a brand new quarterback that doesn’t know the system. So it’s simple- build around Mills and avoid drafting a quarterback in a weak class.

Houston may just have their next franchise quarterback in Mills, but will they let him play?

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