Houston Texans could cause chaos with third overall pick

Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports /

Nick Caserio is keeping the plans of the Houston Texans close to his chest as the 2022 NFL Draft approaches.

Remember in the late 2000s when everyone knew what would happen with the first two picks of the NFL Draft? That was extremely boring (especially Jake Long to the Dolphins in 2007).

Houston Texans GM Nick Caserio isn’t a fan of that and is one of the best in the league (already) at not tipping his hand.

Who would’ve thought Houston would deal Deshaun Watson to Houston or hire Lovie Smith as their new head coach? Caserio’s ability to do so has bamboozled one longtime NFL draft expert.

Daniel Jeremiah admitted that Houston is a “wild card” and that he has no idea what will happen with the third overall pick. Which for Houston is perfect.

Being all the way up at the third pick means that teams would have to give up a generational bounty to sneak in ahead of Houston. While a trade seems unlikely, the Texans can also cause havoc with their first of 11 picks.

Houston Texans could play chess instead of checkers with the rest of the NFL.

Houston has a ton of needs, and that’s no secret. However, one of the ways they could change everything is by drafting a player such as Malik Willis or by drafting any of the top wide receivers in the draft.

We’ve seen crazier things happen inside the top three picks (i.e., the Mitchell Trubisky trade in 2017). Of course, Houston won’t likely choose to incite chaos down the draft board, but it could theoretically happen with the secrecy that Caserio is operating with.

If Houston takes someone like Jordan Davis with the third overall spot, what will that do to teams who had their eyes on him down the line? Will the 13th pick be traded to a team urgently trying to fill their defensive line need?

This is Caserio’s casino, and he’s the dealer, and the rest of the league is sitting at the table. We’ll see what he deals for the other 29 picks behind him.

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