Houston Texans ranked as fourth-most likely destination for Kyler Murray

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Houston Texans fans, here we go again. Kyler Murray is back in our world.

With recent contract extension talks seemingly stalling, the Kyler Murray trade projections are starting to ramp up once more.

Murray’s agent, Erik Burkhardt reportedly pulled their extension proposal off the table, and now it is believed that Murray won’t play without a contract extension.

On top of that, CBS ranked the most likely destinations for Kyler Murray should he be traded.

Your Houston Texans came in fourth place on that list, CBS cited the fact that David Mills may be their 2022 starter, but that the Texans need to find someone for the future.

CBS also took note that Murray is from Texas and discussed that how that would be appealing.

Sorry Kyler Murray, the Houston Texans have already made their plans with Davis Mills

To go from one first-round quarterback in Deshaun Watson a few years ago to Murray isn’t enough to make this trade happen.

Had their been less commitment to Mills when Lovie Smith was hired, then maybe there would still be a chance that this goes down.

However, there’s no reason on earth for Houston to give up the picks they got from Cleveland in a trade like this with Arizona.

A rebuilding team can’t lose those instrumental pieces, especially as the AFC South improves; the Indianapolis Colts just signed Stephon Gilmore in a solid move.

Mills is a much safer option, because Murray seems to be volatile when it comes to his performance and leadership.

Having written for Raising Zona for nearly two years, let me tell you personally the one thing that Cardinals fans have ripped Murray for is his lack of leadership and body language.

It got so bad that Murray didn’t even want to finish the wildcard blowout game against the L.A. Rams this past postseason, and backup quarterback Colt McCoy had to convince him to stay in the game.

The Houston Texans are better off without Kyler Murray. End of story.

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