Ranking all 32 NFL Quarterbacks after 2022 Free Agency

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Third in the 2022 NFL Quarterbacks power rankings:

QB. TomBrady. player. Stats. Michigan. 3. 48. Pick Analysis

Tom Brady still is on the winning side against father time; the guy just doesn’t age. Tampa brought back Chris Godwin, Leonard Fournette and signed Russell Gage from the Falcons. Gage will probably end up being a pro bowler for all we know because that’s what Brady does best.

There’s also the chance that Rob Gronkowski returns, which makes for a scary offense on paper. But how will Todd Bowles do as head coach? Certainly not as bad as he did when he was in New York with Sam Darnold.

That’s a night and day difference, and Brady should have the Buccaneers deep into the NFC playoffs again. But, of course, they’re hoping that time doesn’t catch up to Brady and his decline finally starts to happen after 22 years in the league.