Ranking all 32 NFL Quarterbacks after 2022 Free Agency

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Seventh in the 2022 NFL Quarterbacks power rankings:

California. Aaron Rodgers. Pick Analysis. QB. 7. player. 49. Stats

Aaron Rodgers has helped the Green Bay Packers enjoy a lot of success since he entered the league and took over for Brett Favre. But he’s also responsible for incredible frustration as well. After years of choking in the playoffs, Davante Adams wanted out.

Then, the Packers lost even more receivers after that. While Green Bay is still safe in the division because the rest of the NFC North is still playing catch-up,

This year will be Rodgers’ most significant test yet, and when he gets to the playoffs, the clock will be ticking. Unfortunately, unlike Tom Brady, Rodgers doesn’t have a seemingly infinite amount of years left.