Ranking all 32 NFL Quarterbacks after 2022 Free Agency

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Pick Analysis. QB. Georgia. MattStafford. 8. Stats. player. 51

The rich get richer with Matthew Stafford and the L.A. Rams. After laying waste to the NFL with Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, and Odell Beckham Jr, the Rams added Allen Robinson. Someone, please explain how this is possible given their cap situation.

Other than that, the Rams haven’t done much in free agency. Andrew Whitworth retired, and the offensive line could be the team’s weakest point.

L.A. is an outstanding team, and this isn’t saying they’re going to be bottom-ten bad, but something has to give when your team is so stacked.

The Rams will most likely win the NFC West and have a chance at one of the NFC’s top seeds.