Houston Texans expecting big things of Davis Mills in ’22

Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /

Houston Texans head coach Lovie Smith is instilling his faith in second-year quarterback Davis Mills.

Perhaps the most forgotten-about rookie out of the 2021 Draft, Davis Mills didn’t get much attention last season. But, despite recent rankings that put him below Mitchell Trubisky, Mills has all the confidence from Lovie Smith going forward.

Now, did Smith see those said rankings? Probably not. But a coach can tell what kind of respect his players get from the league and reporters that ask questions at each press conference.

Smith spoke about how Mills showed up ready to work every day and that the system Pep Hamilton will be using in 2022 will give him the chance to shine. As Mills begins his second season, Smith is also banking on a sophomore success, not a slump.

"“The improvement that you see from year one to year two is normally a big improvement, and that’s what we’re gonna get from him.”"

Houston Texans have a chance to surprise the NFL in 2022

As outlandish of a statement that may seem, It’s not the craziest thing to imagine. Houston lost close games to New England, Miami, New York (Jets), and the season finale against the Tennessee Titans.

That would’ve put Houston’s record at 8-10, which for a rebuilding team would be satisfactory. One thing to watch for is how much playing time Mills will get in the preseason, as the Texans went 2-1 last year. Will Smith wants Mills to get more rapport with his younger wide receivers?

It certainly helps that Brandin Cooks is sticking around for a few more years, so Mills’ top target will get to return. First, however, Houston needs to give him a running back or wide receiver that will help diversify the distribution of targets.

Smith’s improvement of the defense will also let Mills stay competitive in games longer and get him more possessions per game.

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