Winners and losers from the Texans extending Brandin Cooks

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Losers of the Texans extending Brandin Cooks: Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers

Life comes at you fast, and the Green Bay Packers have to deal with the fact of keeping Aaron Rodgers meant losing Davante Adams. Of course, there’s much more to that story than this article has time for, but the point remains that the Packers are in a terrible spot with their wide receiving corps.

Rodgers is now surrounded by the equivalent of the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl XXXIX team, which included Terrell Owens but is more often remembered for the Todd Pinkston’s of the world who did not help McNabb at all.

Green Bay’s offense was virtually run through Adams, and everyone knew they were in trouble if they somehow couldn’t get him the ball. Former Houston Texan DeMeco Ryans shut down Green Bay’s offense in a masterclass performance.

Green Bay could still draft one of the top wide receivers in the draft, but it’s not going to help that much. That rookie will need to develop at the NFL level, and not every player can be as effective as Adams was in Green Bay.

We’ll see if Rodgers can elevate his bottom-tier wide receivers to get back to the Super Bowl one more time.