Is Houston Texans WR Brandin Cooks worth a Stefon Diggs-like contract?

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Nick Caserio didn’t do Cooks any favors to increase his chances of staying with the Houston Texans

Remember when Mark Ingram was traded from the Texans last season, and Cooks was rightfully ticked off? That may come back into play when Caserio and Cooks enter a contract discussion. Cooks has also played in a Super Bowl and lost, so the championship urge has to be high as he doesn’t have a ring yet.

Meanwhile, Caserio has been re-signing players on the cheaper end of the spectrum. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that Caserio will lowball Cooks. However, football is a game of tendencies, and that extends to the front office of all 32 teams. GMs and owners are known for how they spend money on their own players and free agents.

While Caserio and Lovie Smith promoted Pep Hamilton to offensive coordinator, this is still going to be a defense-first team. That’s due to Smith being the head coach- which is great, but it’s most likely going to result in the defense improving before the offense does.

So now for the real question- is Cooks worth a massive contract extension?