3 Brandin Cooks trade packages to send to New York Jets

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One final trade proposal for Brandin Cooks and the Houston Texans

This proposal might be the one most Texans fans would think of if Caserio opted to trade Cooks- tapping into the maximum return from the Jets. Let’s get right into it:

Houston still gets to add another first-round pick and the 38th as well. C.J. Mosley has been one of the more solid linebackers in the league, but he has had his own run-in with injuries. So Williams is kept as it’s the same direction that was mentioned before when Smith took over.

Both Mosley and Williams can help plug gaps and stop big runs from happening, as Houston was ranked 31st in rush defense last year, just narrowly ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers. As for the Jets, if they wanted WR help, they will get it in Cooks. Hamilton is thrown in there as an upside trade, despite the Texans signing him recently.

There are enough wide receivers in this year’s draft that Houston has a high chance to replace the two sent to the Jets. The same can be said for cornerbacks to help the Texans’ ailing pass defense that has more work to do with Matt Ryan in the division.

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