The Houston Texans should not trade either of their first-round picks

Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports /

A recent article suggested that the Houston Texans should follow what the New York Giants are doing.

What the New York Giants are “doing” is referring to trading one of their first-round picks. Both Houston and New York have two picks in the first round, but it doesn’t mean that what’s right for the Giants will be right for Texans.

An article written by Mark Lane from Texans Wire suggests this. While yes, Houston does have a surplus of first-round picks for the next few years, it’s not a good idea to do so (trade one of them). This is a draft that has pretty good returns in all positions except the quarterback position.

The combinations of players that Houston could pick are endless. It also goes without saying that the Houston Texans need as many playmakers from this draft as they can get.

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The Houston Texans should stand firm unless an unreal offer comes through the wire.

Unless it’s going to be another draft pick haul similar to what the Texans got for Deshaun Watson, there doesn’t exist a scenario that Houston trades back. Being this high in the draft order may not happen again for a long time if Nick Caserio gets these picks right.

So why jeopardize your chances of landing the player you want just because it doesn’t feel right, or you’ve received a subpar offer from another team?

Nick Caserio isn’t afraid to go down swinging. We’ve seen that by the high number of trades he’s made since his tenure began. The success lies in staying put and not getting distracted by the future offers in place of present success.

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