Deshaun Watson won’t be talking to the Colts, but maybe CLE, CAR?

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Deshaun Watson
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Cleveland Browns suddenly enter the discussion for Deshaun Watson

After a phenomenal 2020 that was followed up by a non-playoff season in 2021, the Browns showed that they are just one quarterback away from being a force in the AFC North. So this isn’t too crazy to think about as a destination for Watson to head to.

There is a tremendous offensive line, an improving defense, a great head coach, and one of the best (if not the best) running back tandems in the NFL. It’s a quarterback’s dream. Oh, did I mention they got Amari Cooper for a 5th round pick? Cleveland has a chance to get this right.

Of course, that comes down to Watson waiving his no-trade clause.

It’s a remarkable body of work by Cleveland to set all of this up. Baker Mayfield’s time could be up after an inconsistent start to his career. In terms of a trade compensation, Texans fans probably wouldn’t be too thrilled to get Mayfield back in a trade, but there are definitely are worse options to have at the position.

Buckle up, everyone! It’s going to be fun to see how this plays out.

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