Deshaun Watson won’t be talking to the Colts, but maybe CLE, CAR?

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Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /
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Deshaun Watson,
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There have been many teams interested in Deshaun Watson, but the Indianapolis Colts won’t be speaking with him.

Talk about a bold move. The Colts called up the Texans and asked to speak to Deshaun Watson about a potential trade after they sent their previous starting quarterback, Carson Wentz, to the Washington Commanders after just one season with the team.

It made sense, seeing how the Colts have a ton of cap space and desperately need a quarterback. That’s where Houston slammed the door or the phone down on any chance of that happening. Adam Schefter was the first to report this.

Trading Watson inside the division would be a fireable offense, and Nick Caserio (and many football fans) knows that. The colts would have had to sell their immediate future and then the next few years as well.

Would there be a chance for a potential trade? Technically yes, but since that ship has sailed, a trade proposal doesn’t matter anymore. Taking the Colts’ stars and a plethora of draft picks would have been the cost.

As Indianapolis joins the Miami Dolphins and New York Giants in the “Not going to get Deshaun Watson” club, what does this mean for the other teams that are still alive in trade talks? The two remaining teams are the Carolina Panthers and the Cleveland Browns.

Let’s get into more of these teams’ legitimacy of landing Watson.