Houston Texans don’t move the needle by re-signing Terrence Brooks

Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports /

The Houston Texans are bringing back another one of their free agents in Terrence Brooks.

There have been a handful of Houston Texans players that have “ran it back” with the team for another contract, and Terrence Brooks is one of them. Now to be clear, this is not Terrance Mitchell, the now-former Texans cornerback that was released just a few days ago.

Brooks played 11 games for the Texans last season at the free safety position. His final stats on the season included one pass break up and 21 total tackles, with six, assisted.

Brooks was targeted 15 times, translating into ten completions for 178 yards, with three touchdowns allowed. Brooks played more on special teams, as 64 percent of his snaps came from those units. Only 25 percent of his snaps were on the defensive side of the ball.

Houston Texans aren’t improving in free agency just yet.

Brooks re-signing with the team has probably more to do with the depth at the free safety spot than anything. There’s probably more influence from Lovie Smith that is keeping Brooks around. It’s a cheap deal, and if that’s what it takes to keep an excellent special teams player around, then so be it. But defensively, there needs to be more playing time seen from Brooks to really make sure if he earned that roster spot.

Knowing the scheme is a big plus when it comes to free agency, and Brooks has that to fall on. If Justin Reid leaves like he’s expected to, then Brooks would be the starting free safety. It’s still extremely early in the 2022 free agency period, and Reid may come back.

This move just gives foreshadowing to Reid’s departure more than his return.

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