Houston Texans: Ranking the 3 likeliest Deshaun Watson trades

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Let Russ Deshaun Cook

Imagine the feeling for Seattle fans, going from losing your Super Bowl winning starting quarterback to gaining a superstar quarterback in just a couple weeks time. Well that could soon be reality. A reality which is also looking more and more likely by the day.

According to NFL.com’s Daniel Jeremiah, sources around the league expect Deshaun Watson to be traded to Seattle.

A trade to Seattle makes sense. The Seahawks did just acquire massive draft capital for Russell Wilson. Seattle also resides in the NFC, so the Houston Texans should feel comfortable sending Watson there.

And while the Seahawks don’t include any players in this deal, the position of this year’s draft pick (ninth overall), along with Seattle’s poor record last year with Russell Wilson (7-10), gives Houston the confidence of those future picks being highly valuable.

Still, there is one more team who is expected to offer up even more to the Houston Texans for Watson.