Deshaun Watson should be traded to either of these two teams

Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports /

Deshaun Watson has been cleared of criminal charges. So where should he be traded?

The long wait for Deshaun Watson is over after an entire calendar year. A grand jury ruled that Watson would not face any criminal charges, and now the Houston Texans’ rebuild can truly begin.

The Texans’ options are limitless, with so many teams that could realistically have a way to trade for the Clemson product. However, there are two teams that the Texans should send Deshaun Watson to in return for a premium haul.

The first is the New Orleans Saints, a team that is struggling with their cap situation at the moment. Yes, Watson’s cap hit this year is not team-friendly for anyone, but imagine the return Houston could get. Mike Thomas, Alvin Kamara, and DeMario Davis are just a handful of the names that could be shipped over.

That would be a more player-centric trade. If Houston wanted to win immediately, this would be the route to go. There would be at least one first and second-round pick in the deal.

Deshaun Watson and the Seattle Seahawks could be the perfect match.

Think about how Brandin Cooks was the only offensive weapon for the Texans and Davis Mills last year. Cooks had his second-consecutive 1,000-yard season and has one year left on his contract. Suppose Houston could land either Tyler Lockett or D.K. Metcalf in a trade, it would give Houston a dynamic receiving duo since DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller a few years ago.

Houston would also get Seattle’s 9th overall pick, and with two picks in the top ten of the draft would brighten the future of the Texans in a hurry. Those picks would still have to develop and turn out, of course- but it would go a long way in helping the aura that surrounds NRG Stadium.

This is shaping up to be a wild new league year. Stay tuned for Wednesday, March 16th.

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