Houston Texans: The danger zone signings for each AFC South foe

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Houston Texans “Danger Zone” player number three: Amari Cooper

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Regardless of what’s going on with the Indianapolis Colts quarterback situation, Amari Cooper would be the true deep threat that would elevate any quarterback. Cooper has almost 4,000 yards receiving in the last four years with 27 touchdowns.

This is the kind of production that the Colts need to take the attention off of Jonathan Taylor (who should truly have been last year’s MVP). With only 3,500 yards passing last year, Indianapolis’ offense heavily relied on Taylor. That’s got to improve quickly.

The Colts have $67 million in cap space, according to OverTheCap, so that the Colts could afford Cooper.

If it wasn’t for the offense absolutely collapsing over the past two games, the Colts are in the playoffs. Cooper isn’t such of a long-shot here compared to our other two candidates, as the Colts are more on the list of teams but just further down.

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