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James Conner would bring life to a hapless Houston Texans rushing attack

Pitiful. Bad. Stink,stank,stunk. Whatever word or phrase one wants to use to describe the last-place Houston Texans rushing game last year would fit. Enter the Arizona Cardinals’ James Conner, who had a historic season for the red birds.

Conner had 18 total touchdowns in a season, just two behind David Johnson’s (oh, that’s awkward, isn’t it?) record. Conner would have most likely broken that and the rushing touchdown record if not for an injury late in the season.

Conner was unstoppable near the goal line and on short down-and-distance situations that helped Arizona become one of the best red-zone scoring teams in the league. It’s unlikely he’ll be let go, just like Gesicki, but this is a wishful thinking article if there ever was one.

Conner would be the instant workhorse back, and his ability to catch out of the backfield is an incredible value. This guy can do it all, and Houston could really feature an excellent running game if they draft an offensive lineman in the first round.