3 new teams the Houston Texans should call to trade Brandin Cooks

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The Buffalo Bills have a big three but should still call the Houston Texans

. . . Buffalo Bills. 3. team. 16

Josh Allen has developed into the real deal, and his trio of wide receivers went into Kansas City, and only one shined. That was Gabriel Davis, who had an NFL-record four touchdowns in that game. But even with this historic game, Davis only had 549 yards receiving on the year and was fourth on the production list.

Stefon Diggs is undoubtedly the true number one receiver for the Bills, but after Diggs, no Bills receiver had more than 700 yards. The battle for the second spot is up for grabs, and Cooks would work as a great compliment. Imagine having Cooks and Diggs on the same side of the field. How would teams cover that?

Sitting so deep in the draft order, the Bills may not be able to get one of the top pass catchers in the first round. However, cooks (along with an improved secondary) may just be the piece(s) needed to get the Bills back to the Super Bowl for the first time since the 1990s.

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