3 new teams the Houston Texans should call to trade Brandin Cooks

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San Francisco could use the Houston Texans’ best wide receiver

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Speaking of the 49ers, they are in a similar boat as the Packers are. Deebo Samuel is the entire offense, as George Kittle had a very quiet 910 yards on the season. Samuel is arguably a better runner than a pass catcher, having two more scores on the ground than through the air.

The point is that Samuel is alone in an offense that could be so much more dynamic through the air. Whether that’s a quarterback issue or not, only time will tell. Cooks would be the deep threat that San Francisco needs to open up more of their playbook and also free up Samuel underneath. But, of course, Brandon Aiyuk had some moments this year as well.

Getting Samuel the ball and letting him run with it is what the 49ers did en-route to their NFC Championship game appearance. Will Aiyuk take the next step and establish himself as the true WR2 not named Kittle? We’ll see if Trey Lance can elevate the rest of the 49ers receiving squad.