Deshaun Watson’s personal coach slams his ‘Walmart WRs”

Deshaun Watson #4 of the Houston Texans (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
Deshaun Watson #4 of the Houston Texans (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

It appears that Deshaun Watson’s personal coach didn’t like the wide receivers on the Texans.

On a recent episode of the Ryen Russillo podcast, Deshaun Watson’s personal coach, Quincy Avery, didn’t hold anything back about how he felt how Watson was playing with guys who did not exactly meet the NFL standard.

When asked about the talent surrounding Watson in 2019 (his last full season of play with Hopkins), Avery had this to say:

"…[in Watson’s] last year in Houston, when he played, he was carrying like three guys who could have been working at your local Walmart at the receiver position and he went absolutely berserk."

Insert the “Whoa, just take it easy man” meme. Looking back at who the receiving corps consisted of, one might remember that was the final season that DeAndre Hopkins played in Houston.

As for who the leading receivers were, here they are per StatMuse:

  1. DeAndre Hopkins: 1,165 yards, 7 TD
  2. Will Fuller: 670 yards, 3 TD
  3. Kenny Stills: 561 yards, 4 TD
  4. Jordan Akins: 418 yards,2 TD
  5. Duke Johnson: 410 yards, 3 TD

2020’s wide receivers weren’t that much better, as only one other player broke the 500-yard mark (Fuller) besides Brandin Cooks, who led the team in receiving yards.

Deshaun Watson’s agent clearly didn’t watch 2021’s receivers

There is a big discrepancy in terms of production after Hopkins in 2019, but it’s not like the other leaders were players that had no talent at all. Fuller has battled injuries for a long time, and Stills was always the deep-shot guy. Akins hasn’t been the same and Johnson isn’t even with the Texans anymore.

The 2021 squad was far worse, as only one wide receiver broke the 500-yard mark and that was Brandin Cooks. This would have been much worse for Watson to deal with had he played in 2021. It could be that Watson is speaking vicariously through his personal coach (Avery).

Is this a plea for the Texans to address the wide receiver position? Maybe. Is this just frustration vented through a medium? That’s more likely. Regardless, it’s a harsh attack on anyone to be talked about like that.

The current class of pass catchers on Houston’s roster will only get better with more time together, especially Nico Collins. Until the preseason starts, we’ll have to let these comments simmer as Watson’s fate is awaited upon by the NFL world.

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