Would the Houston Texans entertain a Jordan Love trade?

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With the Aaron Rodgers saga still unknown, would the Houston Texans take Jordan Love off the Packers’ hands?

When Aaron Rodgers made his appearance on the Pat McAfee show on Tuesday afternoon, he made it very clear that no decision would be made on-air. As extremely disappointing as that was, and the world got to hear about his “cleanse” that was rather intense, the NFL world has now arrived at “Now what?”.

Rodgers has also admitted to having “positive talks” with the Packers’ brass recently, suggesting that Rodgers could be returning to the 920. With Jordan Love wasting away on the bench, it’s not impossible to imagine the Texans giving Love a shot.

There are two reasons for this, one that’s more directly related than the other:

  1. Lovie Smith said that the team is looking to acquire a “great quarterback,” and whoever they deem that to be is anyone’s guess
  2. This is/was a franchise that seriously took a high school coach as a head coaching candidate.

The latter just shows the sporadic nature that resides in Houston. Just when something that wouldn’t ever make sense anywhere else, it somehow does in Houston.

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Could Jordan Love win the starting job with the Houston Texans?

Not to be cliche, but the odds here are 50/50. Mills having played most of the season is a big advantage on Love, but most quarterbacks don’t start playing with that kind of responsibility until their second or third year.

Love’s only game was against Kansas City, in which so many of their key contributors were hurt, and they only lost the game by six points. Yes, it took until the fourth quarter for the Packers’ lone touchdown to happen, but let’s not pretend that Mills was a world-beater in his first few games either.

Depending on what happens with Houston’s free agency and Rodgers’ situation, this may be the most notable training camp quarterback battle that we’ve seen in the NFL in quite some time.

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