Cincinnati Bengals players, fans recruiting Laremy Tunsil on Twitter

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The Houston Texans have been rumored to trade Laremy Tunsil to the Cincinnati Bengals.

So what does one team’s players and fanbase do when they receive news like this? They jump on Twitter to recruit Laremy Tunsil in any way possible. Tunsil sent out a cryptic-like tweet that only set the “what does it mean” questions flying into the Twitter-sphere.

Tunsil is only 27 and in the prime of his career. The Bengals have the most cap space of anyone, so trading Tunsil may not seem so much as an “if,” but it feels more like “when” the Texans will do so. Tunsil is the reason why the Houston Texans didn’t have any first-round picks in 2020 and 2021.

So could the Texans ship of Tunsil and flip him for picks or a handful of playmakers?

The Texans have nothing to lose by trading Laremy Tunsil to the Cincinnati Bengals.

If this is a proper rebuild, then all the prominent performers or contracts should be sent elsewhere to contenders. It will allow the draft picks to be accumulated so that Nick Caserio and Lovie Smith can have the players that will fit their system.

The Bengals need offensive line help in the worst way, and sending a solid left tackle like Tunsil to the AFC North will only help Joe Burrow stay alive in the pocket next season. As flashy and effective as the Ja’Marr Chase pick was, it always comes down to the trenches.

If you don’t have an offensive line as the team’s foundation, you can’t expect to build a house and put a Lombardi in there. Houston has a great deal that could be on the table.

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