Houston Texans should absolutely ignore the chance to sign Malcom Butler

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Malcolm Butler is attempting a comeback, but here’s why the Houston Texans shouldn’t pay any attention.

As Malcolm Butler tries to restart his NFL career one year after retiring, some teams may be tempted to sign the Super Bowl XLIX legend (we’re not even going to talk about if it was DPI). Here’s the one big reason that Houston should not sign Butler:

Butler basically retired last year because he lost the starting job to a rookie cornerback in Arizona. If that’s not a sign to hang it up in your career, then I’m not sure what is. That hasn’t stopped Tyrod Taylor from playing, but I digress.

Many expected Butler to keep playing, but the stunning retirement screwed the Cardinals over and as a result, their pass defense struggled in critical moments.

Houston Texans must know Butler drama goes further than Arizona

Those who watched Super Bowl LII between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles probably remember that Butler was benched due to a “coaching decision” but also was reportedly due to a conflict Butler had with then-Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia.

Ever since that occurrence, there’s been something off about Butler. Going down that way in possibly your final Super Bowl appearance will eat away at someone- and that’s definitely acknowledged.

On the other hand, Butler has had a similar thud to the rest of his career like another Super Bowl-legend cornerback. That would be Larry Brown, who had two interceptions for 77 yards and a touchdown against Neil O’Donnel and the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX (30).

It’s not as hard of a fall that Brown had (only one INT after leaving Dallas), as Butler has had nine picks himself. However, the way he retired was terrible in the terms of optics. People can change and second chances should be given to anyone.

This just doesn’t seem right, and Butler should find a team that would be a better fit for him.

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