Here’s 3 reasons the Houston Texans can win the AFC South

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The Houston Texans wide receiving corps will improve greatly

With Davis Mills making incredible strides in the latter half of the season, the Houston Texans saw glimpses of what Mills can do for the passing game. The problem is that Tim Kelly (now in Tennessee) was so run-happy in his play calls that it didn’t let Houston do what they do best: throwing the ball.

Magically, Brandin Cooks still had another 1,000-yard season, his second in as many years that he’s been in Houston. Chris Conley, Danny Amendola, and Nico Collins all had flashes of greatness too. Houston will take advantage of this by a more aggressive playbook from new offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton who will call for more deep strikes from Mills.

Mills was best when he was able to throw deep downfield and not be babied while on the field by being told to hand the ball off.

It’s not like the rest of the division’s pass defense is that much better. The only difference separating the four teams is a few hundred yards. So unless the division gets cornerback help, there is a serious chance Houston can steal a win or two next season.