If there’s no Deshaun Watson trade, what will the Texans do?

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Deshaun Watson
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Deshaun Watson could be cut if legal situation doesn’t improve

If Deshaun Watson gets convicted of even one of the 22 civil lawsuits, then it’s going to make trading him that much more difficult to deal him. Caserio could do his best, calling team after team and almost begging them to take Watson off their hands.

Or they could skip all of that and release Watson. The numbers were crunched in an article published before the season started, and it’s their second-best option out of the three that they have (trade, cut, keep).

Cutting Watson per Spotrac would save Houston about $50M each year in cap space instead of keeping him on the roster. Of course, the only way that would happen was if Brian Flores got the head coaching job, but everyone knows that didn’t happen.

This would let Watson find the team of his choosing, making it cheaper for the next team to sign him. Of course, that’s a big “if” factor in this situation, yet at the same time, it could be Watson’s best chance at playing football again.

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