If there’s no Deshaun Watson trade, what will the Texans do?

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Deshaun Watson
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Deshaun Watson may have to spend the next two years on the bench

If this instance happens (as if he makes 22 settlements, for example), it would be more of a reflection of the impacts of Watson’s contract. Watson is on the books to make a combined $72M in the next two years, and even with the salary cap going up, it’s going to be asking a lot of any other team to take on that money.

According to Spotrac, there is a potential out in Watson’s contract in 2024. If that happens, Watson would have made 111 out of the $156M that he got in his four-year extension. Imagine how awkward it’s going to be for Davis Mills or whoever is the next quarterback to take over for Houston will feel with Watson still there.

Nick Caserio has remained steadfast in wanting the maximum for Watson in return, but that could cost him and the Texans in the long run. Houston may not be able to upgrade its roster if they have to keep Watson, making decisions harder on key players on the team and free agents.