Houston Texans taking Deshaun Watson situation ‘day-to-day’

Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Maria Lysaker-USA TODAY Sports /

Houston Texans GM Nick Caserio talked about the Deshaun Watson situation

Houston Texans general manager Nick Caserio spoke with Jim Rome on The Jim Rome Show on Tuesday, discussing the situation involving quarterback Deshaun Watson and what the time table is on making a decision about the QB.

Caserio said the Texans are taking it “day-to-day” with Watson and his situation when asked about the quarterback by Rome as the general manager of the Houston Texans said the following about Watson and the continuing saga:

"“At some point the team and all parties involved are hopeful for a resolution, but we are probably not at that point yet so we are going to take our time, and ultimately my responsibility to do what I feel is best for the football team by our ownership, by our coaching staff, and by our players so we’ll work through it. We’ll kind of take it day-to-day, but at some point a resolution of the process will be best for everybody involved, whatever that entails.”"

Here is the clip from the interview provided by The Jim Rome Show:

Eventually some sort of deal is going to be made for Watson as there is no way the team can afford to keep Watson on the roster in an inactive status for another season like they just did, paying him millions of dollars to do nothing.

Houston Texans: Eventually a trade will happen, right?

Once Watson gets his legal issues finished and sorted out – one way or another – the answer to what happens with Watson on-field with the Houston Texans will be much clearer and the two parties can finally move away from each other and both have a fresh start.

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It doesn’t seem possible that Deshaun Watson will be playing for the Texans in 2022, and in all honestly the Texans would be better off separating from Watson and adding to their roster with the hopeful “king’s ransom” they can receive in trading him to a team with a big need at quarterback with lots of draft capital and talented players to trade away.

Caserio seemed a bit more relaxed in the interview with Rome when discussing Watson, and earlier this week in a MMQB column, Texans head coach Lovie Smith also gave his opinion on getting a solution with Watson complete.

Everyone on the Texans seems ready to move on, and Watson in the past already asked for a trade, so eventually once everything elsewhere seems sorted out for Watson away from the football field, that’s seems like the best time to make a trade involving Watson.

Though don’t forget it has to be a trade to a team Watson will agree with as he does have a “no-trade clause” in his current Texans contract.

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For the most part Caserio and the Texans have handled the Watson saga well. It seems they are staying “par for the course” when talking about the quarterback, but at least they are saying they want a solution to be made down the road. The good thing is they are going to do it on their terms, and do what is best for the Houston Texans franchise for not only ’22 but for years to come.