5 lessons Texans can learn from Super Bowl champion Rams

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1. Set high expectations/goals and achieve them

Looking back at the 2021-22 Rams, one has to give them a tip of the cap by not only setting the highest of expectations – which was going all in on winning the Super Bowl, and then achieving said goal by doing whatever it took to become the champions of the NFL.

The Rams made big-time trade by letting go of a former No. 1 pick for another past No. 1 pick. They added free agents not many other teams wanted, they traded for a veteran like Von Miller before the trade deadline, and they trusted their head coach to do his job.

There were many more moves the Rams made, and they had some creative play calling on both sides of the ball, but their project of going all in this year showed a championship can happen with the highest of expectations surrounding them.

That hasn’t been the case for the Texans so far in this current rebuild, as it feels like this is the year when things get rolling a little more. Last season was getting players in uniform and seeing who could stick around for the long term, but now the Texans – since they finally have some draft picks to work with – can set some goals of their own and work on a way to not only meet them, but exceed them too.

There needs to be some pressure put on the Texans franchise to be more than division champions, and hopefully with general manager Nick Caserio coming from a place where he helped the goals be lofty, that comes to the Texans eventually.

For the long term, the Rams might have hurt their franchise without the first-round picks, but they did win a Super Bowl trophy, and that’s the goal. Teams are remembered for the championships they win, and for the Rams, they now have two Lombardi trophies.

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The Texans are still working to win their first one, and at times it looked like they were close to doing that. Maybe they can learn from some of the lessons the Rams have given the NFL this season, because at least for them it has worked in the short term.