5 lessons Texans can learn from Super Bowl champion Rams

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4. Be convinced in who their starting quarterback is

One thing about the Rams is they knew who their quarterback was at the start of the 2021 season and they never looked back. The same can’t be said about the Houston Texans because they kept Deshaun Watson around, started Tyrod Taylor, went to rookie Davis Mills when Taylor was injured, went back to Taylor and then back to Mills.

It was a lot to take in, but for the Texans to be successful they need to make up their mind who will be the starting quarterback entering the ’22 season before Week 1 arrives. Granted, replacing Taylor for Mills when he was injured was one thing, but then came the flip of giving Taylor the job back when he returned, and that turned out to be the wrong move.

The same mistake can’t be made in ’22. Either the Houston Texans need to keep Mills as the starter in his second season, or bring in a very good to great veteran like the Rams did when they traded for Matthew Stafford and build around that player. Stafford is still 34 years old, and in today’s NFL he can still have five or six more years left as a starting quarterback, giving the Rams plenty of time to work around him to add to their success.

Mills is only 23 years old, so his entire career is ahead of him, and even if the Texans were to trade for a quarterback like Russell Wilson who is 33 years old, he’s a motivated player who has a desire to win. The Texans can do something like that since they still have Watson under contract, so who knows what this front office will do?

All we are saying is the Texans need to figure out their quarterback situation and do it fast, because most likely than not a Super Bowl winning team has an excellent quarterback leading the way.