This Houston Texans jersey redesign is something you must see

Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports /

The Houston Texans could introduce a second helmet after the “one helmet rule” was lifted earlier in 2021.

One of the most mind-numbing rules in all of sports, the “One helmet rule,” has finally been axed. For those who love different jerseys and the aesthetics of them all, it’s quite a time to rejoice. A Twitter user by the name of Fabio Leonhardt has been doing jersey and uniform redesigns for quite a while.

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray also shared Leonhardt’s work on Instagram for one of the redesigns that he made for Arizona. When Leonhardt came up with the “Throwback Thursday Night Football” jerseys for the AFC, the Houston Texans had an interesting look.

No, it did not include the Oilers’ color scheme (although it’s much better than the deep steel blue look). You can see the uniform redesign here.

The Houston Texans would be wise to go this uniform set.

The current default uniforms for Houston are outdated, and the deep steel blue is so overdone. That’s why Leonhardt’s proposal is so nice- there is a lot more battle red sprinkled into the uniform. Seeing the red added onto the sleeves of the home blue jerseys with a white stripe in between is a nice touch. The away uniform is possibly the best out of them all.

One unique thing is the two-color helmet. We’re not talking Blake Bortles-AFC Championship-Jaguars-Era kind of helmet (although those were still better than their current duds). Instead, this has the left side of the helmet in the battle red, separated with a white stripe down the middle. The right side of the helmet remains in the deep steel blue.

The one design that should go is the Texans’ color rush uniforms. The red-on-blue numbers with a white outline are a lack of creativity by whoever designed them in the NFL.

Some may say that this is an ugly or untraditional look, but there are more teams that are doing the same across the country. In fact, Springfield (IL) high school has a similar concept, with a half black/half white helmet that makes their uniforms as distinct as possible.

Changing uniforms has bode well for teams that have struggled in the past. For example, the Denver Broncos switched from their beautiful orange jersey and light blue helmet to their current look and won Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have changed to their current duds twice and won two Lombardi’s as well. Also on that list? The New England Patriots changed their uniforms after dropping their first two Super Bowls. One could even throw the Seattle Seahawks in there as well.

These may just be exceptions to the rule, and correlation does not equal causation. Just because a team changes their uniforms does not mean that they’re automatically winning a championship.

However, with the beatdown the Houston Texans franchise has endured the last two years, a new identity can go a long way in changing the culture around a team. No more going winless in the divisional round. No more Deshaun Watson-era jerseys.

It’s time to make a change, Texans.

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