If Lions call about #2 pick, Houston Texans should hang up instantly

Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports /

It appears the Detroit Lions are open to trading the second overall pick. There’s no way the Houston Texans should listen to their call.

The Detroit Lions, with all of their kneecap-biting nature instilled in them by Dan “The Dude” Campbell, are open to trading the second overall pick. If they were to call the Houston Texans and inquire about swapping spots for some reason, the Texans should instantly hang up the phone.

The most glaring example that involves these two draft positions takes us back to the 2018 NFL draft. The San Francisco 49ers had the second overall pick, and the Chicago Bears had the third selection. It was on draft night that 49ers GM scared Bears GM Ryan Pace so bad into thinking they were going to select Mitch Trubisky.

Of course, we all know what happened next. Chicago traded up one spot and paid a handsome price, and got their guy in Trubisky. Trubisky didn’t pan out in Chicago, and the 49ers went on to Super Bowl LIV and an NFC Championship appearance this season. That’s reaching that same point twice in three years.

For the Houston Texans, there is no prospect worth trading up one spot for

Sitting at the third overall selection, whoever is Houston’s top target on their draft board will most likely be there when it comes time to pick. The Chicago-San Francisco example is on the extreme end, but it completely changed two franchises.

Houston cannot afford to have that kind of Chicago-buffoonery seep into their franchise any more than it has already (see Easterby, Jack). So the only sort of trade that should be accepted is one that moves Houston back in the draft, like dropping back to the 10th pick with the Jets.

It’s a pretty straightforward path to follow, here’s to hoping that Caserio stays put.

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