Houston, we have 3 finalists for the HC job

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Josh McCown

Positives: Where should one start when it comes to Josh McCown and his experience that has made him a head coach finalist for the Texans? Sure, he does have a relationship with GM Nick Caserio, so that’s a positive in itself because Caserio must think highly of him to make him a finalist and interview him twice.

There is also the fact his experience as a mostly backup quarterback in the NFL has made him a head coach of sorts with all of his knowledge of not only learning the offenses of teams he’s played for, but learning many different defenses and tendencies along the way.

McCown has played for a total of nine NFL teams from 2002-09, ’11-19, plus one team in the United Football League in ’10. That’s a huge pool of football knowledge to learn from, but is it enough?

Negatives: The first thing that pops to mind is not the fact he hasn’t been an NFL head coach before, but the fact he has no experience as a coach at any level. How does one get to that point without any experience whatsoever as a coach? Sure, he last played in the NFL in 2019, but that’s not like being in the fire of calling plays and making big coaching decisions that could make or break the team.

McCown has been in the fire as an NFL quarterback as he has 76 career starts in 102 games, but being a coach and a former player is a whole different animal, and it would be interesting to see how he would work out as a rookie coach in general and not have any experience at any level. It just doesn’t make a lot of sense.