Houston Texans should look into a Brian Flores-Byron Leftwich combo

Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports /

With Byron Leftwich no longer interested in the Jacksonville Jaguars, maybe the Houston Texans can make a power couple.

That would be hiring Brian Flores as the team’s next head coach and bringing in Byron Leftwich to be the offensive coordinator. However, on Thursday afternoon, a report surfaced that Leftwich is withdrawing his interest in the position, leaving him open to recruitment.

Now it’s understandable if Leftwich is in a “head coach or bust” stance- he’s been a coordinator for quite some time. But coming to Houston and teaming up with Flores would be an incredible opportunity for Houston’s offense (and it would also cause quite the tongue-twisters and Freudian slips).

The defensive tactics that Flores would employ coupled with Leftwich’s soaring offense would make Houston a playoff contender, at least on paper. But after the last two seasons, fans of the Houston Texans would take that in a heartbeat.

The Houston Texans need to hire Brian & Byron to spark success

Flores and Leftwich have put in their time in the league, and their experience is a plus when considering each candidate’s pros and cons. Leftwich certainly brings more comfort than, say, a high school football coach who mainly was a journeyman backup for his entire career.

Flores’ ability to win despite the roster he was given is an incredible feat, let alone in a division where Bill Belichick and Josh Allen reside. Flores’ abrasiveness is what’s needed on the field come game day, as no visible leader was present for the Houston Texans last season.

Someone will have to step up and be the voice of this team. Flores can do just that, and with Leftwich and potentially even Pep Hamilton sticking around, this team can become just as potent as any in the league.

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