Should the Houston Texans engage in talks for Jimmy G?

Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports /

As the Houston Texans continue their search for their head coach, will a new quarterback be starting for Houston?

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo led his squad to an impromptu run to the NFC Championship this year, blowing a 17-7 lead to their division rival, the Los Angeles Rams. However, with 2021 first-round pick Trey Lance waiting in the wings for his chance to truly take over the starting job, the 49ers are looking to trade Garoppolo.

Meanwhile, the Houston Texans have Davis Mills, who showed progress towards the very end of the season last year. Houston is also in the process of finding their next head coach and offensive coordinator to lead this team. Would a new pair want to trade for Garoppolo, and should the Texans even entertain the idea?

The Houston Texans shouldn’t remove themselves from the Jimmy Garoppolo sweepstakes while not being the highest bidder.

The pros that Garoppolo brings are that he has postseason experience and has played in Super Bowl LIV and an NFC Championship in three years. Additionally, Garoppolo ranked 6th in the league in completion percentage with 68.3 percent. Garoppolo ranked ahead of Patrick Mahomes in quarterback rating as well.

Many fans say that Garoppolo’s game is boring and that he struggled terribly in the NFC Divisional Round against the Green Bay Packers. But, as a Wisconsinite myself, anytime you’re outside for three hours in zero-degree weather, you’re not going to be able to do what you want all the time.

The bottom line is that Garoppolo is more of a slight lateral move than an upgrade over Mills. Garappolo brings his strengths, but at the same time, Mills has had more deep ball accuracy (something that would’ve won Garoppolo his third Super Bowl ring).

Mills lacks in the experience that Garoppolo has and didn’t sit behind Tom Brady for a few years. But, on the other hand, Mills has a brighter outlook than Garoppolo does. A big criticism of Garoppolo’s 2019 season was how they demolished the Packers by running the ball- as if that was the only reason the 49ers really made it to Super Bowl LIV.

The final topic that needs to be debated is whether whoever the Texans hire wants to “win now” instead of building the roster. If that’s the case, Garoppolo is in a Texans uniform on the double, and Mills is back to the bench. Mills made strides last year, but those took forever to come through, even as a rookie.

This may be a potential trade to watch. Houston shouldn’t give up anything less than a fourth-round pick, and they should try to bring Charles Omenihu back while they’re at it too.

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