Houston Texans UFA profile: The controversial David Johnson

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What should the Houston Texans do with David Johnson?

This is an easy answer, and it’s to let Johnson walk. It’s not Johnson’s fault that he was the one trade for Hopkins. It’s also not his fault for having to do the best he could with a terrible team all around him for his Texans tenure.

Fans of the Texans would love for nothing more than to see the physical reminder of that horrific trade made in 2020.

Kenneth Walker III from Michigan State is a runner that’s gotten a lot of attention from many NFL teams. However, there is no team he would impact more than the Texans, who were dead last in rushing in 2021.

There are also more effective players at the position in free agency, and regardless of which one is your personal favorite, they’re still a better fit than Johnson was for Houston. Ronald Jones II, Sony Michel, and Marlon Mack are three quick names that would be more dynamic than Johnson in this offense.

If there could be even a slight improvement in the running game, it would help take pressure from Davis Mills, and his life as a second-year passer would be much easier.

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