Houston Texans: 4 positives from 2021 season

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Houston Texans
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Not everything was negative for the Houston Texans in 2021.

As tough as the Houston Texans 2021 season was to watch at times, there were still some positives from the four-win season. Those four wins were a bit of a surprise, as many folks at the start of the season didn’t give the Texans a chance to even win a single game in ’21.

The Texans built some hope at the start of the ’21 season with their win over the Jacksonville Jaguars, then went on a lengthy losing streak, but eventually added three more wins with another win over Jacksonville, plus wins over the Los Angeles Chargers and the team that eventually become the No. 1 overall seed in the AFC, the Tennessee Titans.

So even though the Texans finished with the third-worst record in the NFL, there were a couple steps taken in the rebuild, even if the overall situation wasn’t so great in ’21.

Next are “4 positives from the 2021 season” that were the brightest spots for a franchise in a big-time rebuild phase going into the 2022 NFL Draft.

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4. Nick Caserio hired as general manager

The hiring of Nick Caserio from the New England Patriots to become the new general manager of the Houston Texans in 2021 was the first move made by the franchise that made sense in quite some time, and it was the catalyst of more moments that were to come that were on the more positive side of the equation that was the ’21 Texans.

Remember, the Texans got in a little hot water when they previously showed some interest in Caserio, but when they were officially allowed an interview with the man who eventually became their current general manager, that was one step in the right direction.

Granted, Caserio isn’t the best general manager in the NFL … yet, but he has to be near the top of the list in hardest workers. Even more so than that, he has the task to make the Texans a competitive team once again, and to make them better than they’ve ever been, which would be winning in the division round of the playoffs and going on from there.

The Texans have had times where they were a really fun franchise to watch and cheer for, but right now they have a lot of work ahead of them, and when the folks who own and run the team day to day decided that Caserio was their GM, that was the first positive step needed in ’21 that got things rolling.