Houston Texans: OC’s to target and avoid to replace Tim Kelly

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Houston Texans
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Houston Texans should target Buffalo’s Ken Dorsey

Taking Josh Allen and transforming a team into a serious Super Bowl contender takes a ton of work and luck in getting the right player. However, everything Buffalo has done (minus the running game) has been fantastic. Former NFL QB Ken Dorsey serves as Buffalo’s QB coach and passing game coordinator.

Now Mills isn’t the type of player Allen is, but they are similar in stature. Mills’ progress would surely be a more linear climb than Allen’s (exponential), but it could be done. Houston would have to give this offensive line a facelift and get more weapons before that even became a possibility.

It’s hard not to like what Dorsey brings to the table, and Houston should try to give him an interview once their season is over.

Duce Staley rounds out the list for the Houston Texans

If running the ball is where Houston would like to improve, then Duce Staley should get the call. Now before the fact that he currently coaches for the Detroit Lions sends readers off the wall, let’s look back on his resume.

Staley was behind LeSean McCoy’s breakout success for Philadelphia and even got the best out of a handful of runners en-route to their Super Bowl LII victory over the New England Patriots. Staley also showed that despite Detroit’s record, he had his guys running hard (just look at this run from their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers).

Staley would be a great hire that would help take the pressure away from the passing game, ultimately letting the defense get more rest.

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