Houston Texans: OC’s to target and avoid to replace Tim Kelly

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Ronald Curry is another OC the Houston Texans should avoid

Ronald Curry has been one of the reasons that the New Orleans Saints even had a shot at the playoffs this year, guiding three different quarterbacks to get them into a spot where they needed help to get in.

Of course, the L.A. Rams lost, and the Saints’ postseason hopes were dashed, but that doesn’t mean Curry should be looked at like a serious contender for an OC job. Again, mark this as an intuition kind of analysis, but Curry, to me, doesn’t feel right. New Orleans has had tons of play calls that make no sense, which may not be Curry’s fault.

However, instructing his QB’s to be good in their technique and not turn the ball over by throwing interceptions at the wrong time killed their season. Of course, those three QB’s he worked with aren’t anything to go crazy over, but I think Curry needs one more to prove that he can take one QB and elevate him to a high level.

The “50/50” or “Iffy” candidate: Houston’s own Pep Hamilton

Pep Hamilton has an interesting case. On one hand, the Carolina Panthers are interested in him being their own offensive coordinator (irony after we talked about Joe Brady). Hamilton did a good job with what he had with Davis Mills and the talent around him.

But is this situation a little iffy because of the absence of talent around Mills, Kelly’s incompetence, or that Mills already hit his ceiling? Another factor to consider is that whoever is hired as the head coach will most likely bring in their chosen OC.

So I wouldn’t get too excited about the possibility of Hamilton being the OC for Houston. The new head coach will determine who that is.