Houston Texans: How do firings affect draft strategy?

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The Houston Texans cleaning house has resulted in a possible paradigm shift in draft strategy.

New coach, new offensive coordinator- what a time to be a Houston Texans fan, right? It took Nick Caserio a long time to decide what their move would be. It could mean that Caserio had floaters out there to his top candidates, and they may say yes if offered the job. The coaching candidates are for a different article, as this one deals with the all-important question:

Who will the Houston Texans draft at number three?

One would think that a brand new coach and offensive coordinator need to be on the same page if the Texans will be picking a quarterback with their first pick in the draft. Otherwise, Mitch Trubisky situations happen, and nobody wants that at all.

This also applies to Brian Flores, who preferred Justin Herbert over Tua Tagovailoa in the 2020 draft. Disagreements with the general managers are applied in both situations, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

A new offensive coordinator has been shown to help young quarterbacks who meet specific criteria, so it’s possible that Davis Mills could get another year. But, once again, that’s all a moot point if the new offensive coordinator desires a different passer.

So let’s go into depth on the three options the Houston Texans have:

  • Not taking a quarterback
  • Taking a quarterback
  • Trading back/Deshaun Watson possible trade implications