Houston Texans draft prospect: Pitt’s Kenny Pickett

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Negatives the Houston Texans would have to overcome

This is purely a neutral analysis of Pickett and what he brings to the table. However, one item of housekeeping needs to be taken care of. One former NFL draft scout says that Pickett will be a bust due to his 2021 season being an outlier, but more so because his hands are reportedly smaller than many quarterbacks within the last 37 years.

That scout is clearly biased, and it’s not like every single one of those passers on that list inspire good feelings. Just because Paxton Lynch and Nathan Petermann had big hands doesn’t mean anything, and look how they turned out.


  • Pocket presence may not be that calm, creating pressure when it’s not there
  • As good as he is throwing against the grain and his body, it’s a cardinal sin that costs him from time to time
  • Pickett may be too risky in throw selection for some
  • Has gunslinger-like mentality which leads to a lot of big risk, big reward plays


Some may say that Pickett is just a one-year wonder. That might be true down the road, but it doesn’t mean that the Houston Texans should avoid Pickett. We’ve seen teams have their guy in their sights but choose to go with someone else, and it usually comes back to haunt them.

They should take him if Pickett is the top-ranked guy on Houston’s draft board. Then, it would become an offensive-heavy draft to support your new franchise quarterback. Pickett’s negatives could be eased with a big-spending day on the offensive line and his weapons around him.

Pickett has the tools to be a first-round pick, and extending plays is his forte. Therefore, Houston would not be in the wrong to select him with the third overall pick.

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