Houston Texans draft prospect: Pitt’s Kenny Pickett

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Kenny Pickett’s positives are what the Houston Texans need

Before we go any further, one thing bears repeating: Pickett broke a handful of Dan Marino’s passing records at Pitt. If breaking records of a player of that caliber indicate how well one will perform in the NFL, that’s an excellent start.

As for his positives:

  • Eyes are always downfield, always reading, never telegraphing throws with his eyes
  • Has the ability to extend plays outside of the pocket
  • Able to get enough torque on his throws to throw across his body on the run and executes well
  • Anticipation is phenomenal, putting the ball on the receiver’s hands when coming out of their breaks/ cuts
  • He has the right amount of touch to loft passes downfield where only his guys have a shot at it
  • Can bullet the heck out of the ball and squeeze it into a tight window

Pickett has been compared to Derek Carr by ESPN’s Mel Kiper, but I don’t see that at all. Carr has never been as mobile and a running threat that Pickett is. Joe Burrow has also been a comparison for him.

So far, Pickett is his own man and obviously unique. Before we head to the negatives, we have to drop this clip in here as well: