3 bold Houston Texans predictions against Titans

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Houston Texans boldly go and take the ball away from Rex Burkhead

After last week’s pitiful attempt at trying to make the run game impactful against the 49ers, the Texans are going to be throwing the ball way more than they will run it. Burkhead will get a few carries, but it’s not like he’s going to have a day like he did against the Chargers two weeks ago.

If anything, Houston should throw the ball constantly against Tennessee’s secondary. The Titans have been hurting badly in passing yards allowed, as they’ve allowed the ninth-most in the league.

Surprisingly enough, they rank inside the top ten for sacks on the year, which somehow doesn’t make sense, but good for them. Another thing to note is that the only game in which the Titans did not record a sack against the Texans.

Maybe this is turning into a New England-playing-at-Miami sort of thing, but it also could be too early to say that. After this game, mills will have plenty of time to rest his arm in the offseason. So attack through the air, and don’t stop until you’ve broken the passing attempt record for a single game.