3 big lessons learned from Houston Texans loss to 49ers

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Houston Texans
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Lesson number three: Houston Texans cannot shoot themselves in the foot

Whether one wants to blame it on Kelly, the referees, or the fact that this was a winnable game that just got away from Houston, any choice is valid. However, Houston has proven that any mistakes eat them alive until the end of the game.

Davis Mills still can’t throw that bad pass that got intercepted. Kelly cannot expect to run the ball six straight times and hope that an NFL team doesn’t tee off on the play and blow it up. Penalties were big killers on Sunday, especially the pass interference call on Terrance Mitchell that gave 37 free yards on the 49ers’ first touchdown drive.

All young teams go through growing pains and games that get away. It’s going to take time, and with a rebuild well underway, there is no better place for it to occur. Houston has to coach these players up and set them up for success better than they have done so far in 2021.

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