3 big lessons learned from Houston Texans loss to 49ers

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Lesson number two: The offense cannot waste the defense’s effort

For the Houston Texans to hold the 49ers off the scoreboard for as long as they did on Sunday is a commendable job. Houston’s defense provided many possessions and chances for the offense to get some points of their own. However, this is the NFL, and it stands for “not for long.”

Houston’s defense only got seven points out of the offense for their efforts. However, the moment that really broke this defensive unit was the “turnover that never was,” which resulted in San Francisco having a short field to operate on.

That being said, allowing Elijah Mitchell to run for almost 5.6 yards per carry cannot happen at all. There are a lot of defensive players in this years’ draft, and a few of them may just end up in Houston (specifically the entire University of Georgia defense)

Improve the run and pass rush, and this team could win two to three more games.